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Ball Inn, Crookes

I've previously done reviews on the amazing food at the Ball Inn.

Today I went in for a vegetarian big breakfast. It's a meal fit for a king.

That's not why I'm doing today's review today. I saw three incidents that really are heartwarming. The food in the Ball Inn is absolutely magnificent, it's very welcoming, there's a great atmosphere in the place and there's always a fantastic crowd in.

As I was eating my food, I noticed two groups of three young women.

In each group, there were three generations of the same family grandmother, mother and granddaughter. That tells me that this is a family friendly pub which is welcoming to all.

However, on my way out, I noticed that there was a lady in a wheelchair eating with her family and I noticed a very kind member of staff giving every assistance to this person.

This tells me that this is a very family friendly pub that is welcoming to all.

I would suggest you don't take my word for it. I would suggest you get all your family together and come down for a pub lunch. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

Like me in the true James Bond fashion, you'll be shaken but not stirred.

- James Bond

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