Mill House Restaurant Pub

Drakehouse Retail Park, Waterthorpe, Sheffield, S20 7JJ

0114 2482288
Mill House Restaurant


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Mill House Restaurant Public House

The Mill House Restaurant pub is located at Drakehouse Retail Park in Waterthorpe.

General Information

  • Owner unknown
  • No known awards

Pub Facilities

  • Real Ales
  • Cocktails
  • Beer garden
  • Smoking area
  • Car park
  • Disabled access
  • Disabled facilities
  • Children welcome
  • Dogs welcome
  • Card payments
  • Function room
  • Accommodation
  • Wi-Fi Internet access

Pub Entertainment

  • Background music
  • Sports on TV
  • Pool table
  • Snooker table

Pub Food

  • Food served
  • Walk-ins welcome

2 Reviews of Mill House Restaurant:

  • Tom Mills and Jack Linfitt

    The service was first class and the food was exquisite.

    Tom ordered the mixed grill and it was fantastic, for £13 it was a bargain. I literally had half a field on my plate.

    Jack had steak and chips and thought it was incredible.

    We will give the evening 7/10.

  • Shirley McBride

    As much as I would like to say that I enjoyed my evening at Mill House Restaurant, that unfortunately was not the case. After arriving at 8:30PM, we found a table and placed our order at 8:50PM. We ordered a combo starter for 2, a rodeo burger and pie and chips. Not rocket science. The meal cost around £16.00 so not expensive.

    Our starter arrived at 9:05PM,which we ate and enjoyed. The waitress cleared our table at around 9:15PM, but by 10PM after starting to get a little irritated and somewhat hungry we had still not received our main course. I brought this to the attention of the staff member with whom we had placed our order with and she mumbled something and walked off to the kitchen. 2-3 minutes later a different waitress returned to our table, again mumbling something about our food being plated up.

    Eventually our food arrived at 10:15PM, after another visit to our table by the first waitress who apologised, claiming that the kitchen hadn't heard someone yell that we were ready for our main meal.

    The meal arrived looking like it was made up from the leftovers scraped from someone else's plate. The chips were cold and dried up and the pie was empty and cold, and onion rings were missing from the rodeo burger. After complaining to the waitress about the missing items, again she mumbled, waltzed off and returned to say that the kitchen was closed and the fryers turned off and if we really wanted the onion rings they would have to be switched on again. I told her that I wanted them and after about 5 minutes they arrived looking somewhat anaemic.

    In my opinion pie and chips and a burger and chips is something that you could get from any chippy and would probably take around 5 minutes at most to make, so why the hour long wait? Surely this is unacceptable. I certainly wont be returning to this place again and wouldn't recommend it to any of my friends. I leave you to decide what you think.. But, in my opinion, you could get better service and food quality from a back street, greasy cafe.

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