Gypsy Queen Pub

Drakehouse Lane, Beighton, Sheffield, S20 1FW

0114 2487429
Gypsy Queen


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Gypsy Queen Public House

Classic, large, late nineties hostelry with three seperate bar areas and a large restaurant. Popular with shoppers and cinema goers.

General Information

  • Owner unknown
  • No known awards

Pub Facilities

  • Real Ales
  • Cocktails
  • Beer garden
  • Smoking area
  • Car park
  • Disabled access
  • Disabled facilities
  • Children welcome
  • Dogs welcome
  • Card payments
  • Function room
  • Accommodation
  • Wi-Fi Internet access

Pub Entertainment

  • Background music
  • Sports on TV
  • Pool table
  • Snooker table

Pub Food

  • Food served
  • Walk-ins welcome

10 Reviews of Gypsy Queen:

  • Ray Smith

    Just been to this pub. Waited to be served, people just walking in the pub I was totally ignored. I was before them. It kept going on like this so walked out and went elsewhere. Will not be going back and I will tell other people not to bother.

  • Vicky Denton

    Called yesterday. One staff member on, dealing with food customer, two others waiting to order food. Man waiting to order drinks before us, after a five-minute wait. No other staff in sight so went elsewhere. Really poor that they do not want custom.

  • Lorraine Mosley

    Second time that I have had to complain. The first time my lasagna was cold. Been again today and ordered fish and chips, which was just thick, burnt batter with no fish inside. Makes me feel I am never satisfied. I know it's cheap but it does not need to be uneatable. Cannot fault the staff, they changed it, and it was then perfect. Does it mean you have to complain to get good food in these fast food places? Makes me not want to go anymore.

  • R W Siddall

    Having returned within the last half hour, and experiencing a nightmare with food, I can honestly recommend this to be a place to avoid.

    Since its refurbishment last year, the customer is someone to take money from, the whole idea of a restaurant comes from the word itself - somewhere to rest! There is nowhere to sit and have a quiet drink, and should you decide to eat - beware!

    Tonight I ordered 2 meals for my wife and I, my sirloin steak, cooked medium, was oozing with blood. The second attempt was equally as bad. The third attempt, (which was my second piece warmed up) was only marginally better, but by then I was considering leaving. Needless to say my wife was sat twiddling her thumbs whilst I ate my meal. All the time the young ladies in attendance were absolutely splendid, I did point out the chef earned a lot more than they did and should know his job, so there was no indictment on them.

    After suffering this debacle, we ordered sweets, to be confronted with the absolute insult... a spoon with dried food on it.

    If you want to spend an evening with good waitress service and third-class food, this is the place for you, and it only cost just under £50.00!

    Needless to say it will be given a wide berth from now on.

  • Beryl Reynolds

    Last night a party of eight of us went to the Gypsy Queen. I went feeling a little apprehensive due to an earlier review I had read on here.

    On our arrival we found the pub to be bustling with families all enjoying Halloween with loads of children and the staff all dressed up. The pub was very smart and very clean with carpeted areas and booths for diners with even a television set into it.

    On ordering our food it was brought to us quite quickly but not that quick that you thought it had been stood waiting. The food was absolutely beautiful. The steak was succulent with proper chips and a lovely accompanying sauce with peppers, onions, melted cheese and tomatoes with onion rings. Mouth watering mmmm.

    The staff were attentive and checked frequently to see if everything was to our satisfaction.

    Well done the Gypsy Queen, we all thoroughly enjoyed our meals and the lovely, friendly venue.

  • George Lawrence

    I called in to this pub one afternoon. I was the only person in the meals section. After standing at the bar where you order meals for 7 minutes I asked the barman if anyone was taking orders. He replied "I suppose so". After waiting a further 4 minutes I asked him if he could recommend a pub nearby that had better service, meals and treat customers better. He gave me directions to another pub.

    He was spot on. Had a great meal and great service at the Mossbrook just down the road.

  • Valerie Booth

    My partner and I had a lovely meal there last month and we are going back soon. They have a good menu for everyone, even young children.

  • David Mills

    I agree with David Hines, the food is horrible.

    My wife had meat pie, the meat tough as old boots and the pastry soggy.

    My granddaughter had chicken nuggets (well she is only 10!) from the kids' menu. They were so spicy she left them, totally unsuitable for a child.

    I had Cajun chicken breast with wedge potatoes and salad. The chicken was overcooked, dry and tough with a coating of congealed grease, and the wedges, best not mentioned. The salad on the side of the plate looked as if it had been left out for a week.

    The young female staff were sullen and looked as if they didn't want to be there (I know how they felt).

    Avoid this place like the plague.

  • Daniel Hines

    We ordered our meals at 5:30PM and they had still not arrived at 5:55PM even though only 3 tables had other diners (who were already served). For some reason the girl on the till put through our order for 4 meals as 5 meals, 2 of which were for things we had not even mentioned. We wanted 3 mixed grill and a kids meal but one of the grills was put through as scampi.

    When the meal did arrive it was utterly rubbish, my chips were cold and the liver would easily have made a patch for any shoes that had a hole in them. The same could be said for my wife's meal.

    We called the girl over and I demanded my money back for all the meals, but my wife said if they changed the sausages she would stay. This was due to my 10-year-old daughter getting upset, and crying that the evening was ruined (it was my wife's birthday treat).

    For the managers benefit, I tapped my glass with the sausage, which made a nice pinging noise, as it was so over cooked, hard and cold. My family carried on eating but I refused to, and was given a refund.

    When my wife went to the bar to get a drink, the young girl behind the bar told her she could only serve soft drinks, as she was not 18. The other bar staff had disappeared, leaving her on her own.

    We should have gone to Damon's just across the road, I won't be going to the Gypsy Queen again in a hurry.... We weren't the only ones to send food back either, at least one other diner did, and the two guys on the next table to us tried to order at least 2 different types of meals but were told they were off the menu that night.

  • Susan Yates

    Good location, nice surroundings and reasonably priced meals.

    The floor and bar staff are obviously very young but very helpful and appear to be "run off their feet" by a tyrant of a manageress!

    During a recent evening there, I had no sooner put down my knife and fork when this manageress screamed at a young girl to clear the table! The girl was visibly upset and embarrassed by this order and both myself and other customers felt this embarrassment too.

    Surely a simple gesture would have sufficed. This is clearly a person who has a "power thing" over these young staff.

    I certainly won't be going there for some time, especially if this person remains the manageress! Shame really, because with the correct training for these young staff, it would be a great place!

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