Princess Royal Pub

43 Slinn Street, Crookes, Sheffield, S10 1NW

0114 2660752
Princess Royal


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Princess Royal Public House

The Princess Royal pub is located at 43 Slinn Street in Crookes.

General Information

  • Owner unknown
  • No known awards

Pub Facilities

  • Real Ales
  • Cocktails
  • Beer garden
  • Smoking area
  • Car park
  • Disabled access
  • Disabled facilities
  • Children welcome
  • Dogs welcome
  • Card payments
  • Function room
  • Accommodation
  • Wi-Fi Internet access

Pub Entertainment

  • Background music
  • Sports on TV
  • Pool table
  • Snooker table

Pub Food

  • Food served
  • Walk-ins welcome

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Style: Lager - Pale
ABV: 4.00%
Brewery: Molson Coors (UK)
Last seen:

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1 Review of Princess Royal:

  • Sol Thewett

    A potentially OK pub, spoiled for us by an unfriendly atmosphere. The beer, decor etc... is OK, the jukebox is sometimes a bit loud. But mainly we had an unpleasant experience and weren't made to feel welcome.

    Ironically I had suggested it for a meeting with three colleagues. They bought their pints. I don't drink, and I don't like soft drinks. With everyone at the table drinking but me the landlady came over and had a go at me in front of the whole group for being there without buying a drink. Quite bizarre.

    I have never been treated like that in a pub. Always been made welcome before, and often (as designated driver) offered free soft drinks. What a weird and unpleasant experience. Way to go to make a whole group of people uncomfortable with drinking in your pub. Four customers lost forever!

    So if you have a non-drinker in your group just be aware the landlady might try to single out and have a go at them.

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