Sheffield Pub News - February 2015

Choice of Up to Eight Cocktails to Share at Players Bar, Sheffield City Centre (Up to 48% Off)

Customers can enjoy up to eight cocktails to share; includes jammy dod-jar, drumstick cooler, zombie, blue raspberry and more

Pickwick Removed

Rose Inn Removed

Dada Bar Removed

Royal Oak Removed

Jervis Lum Removed

Rock House Removed

Doctor's Orders Added

West End Removed

Hardy Pick Added

Arbourthorne Hotel Removed

Thorncliffe Arms Removed

New Norfolk Removed

Signpost Removed

Morrisey's East House Removed

Mill Tavern Removed

Gower Arms Removed

Crown Inn Removed

Corner Pin Removed

Club Xes Removed

Carlisle Hotel Removed

Bronx Night Spot Removed

Frecheville Hotel Removed

Hillsborough Tap Added

Locker Room Removed

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