Pub News from September 2005

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The Norfolk Arms pub in Chapeltown has reopened again after a recent fire in the kitchen which could have gutted the place if it had not been for the intervention of the chef. The bar area is not open again and they will start to serve food again in two weeks.

The 31st annual Sheffield Steel city Beer Festival is set to take place from 29th September to 1st October at St Phillips Social Club on Daisy Walk, next to Netherthorpe Road tram stop. There will be around 70 different beers ranging from well known national brands to one-off limited edition brews from one-man microbreweries. Many of the beers represented are brewed in Yorkshire. The festival also features a Cider bar, featuring a range of about 12 Ciders and Perry (Perry is Cider made with pears instead of Apples). See the Sheffield CAMRA website for more details.

Local brewer Wentworth Brewery has achieved record sales of its Bumble Beer. The local ale is available in more than 50 pubs across South Yorkshire and the brewery has completely sold out. Each ten-barrel batch of Bumble Beer contains 12 kilos of honey provided by a local supplier, and this has proved to be the limiting factor. After using 300 kilos of honey, Wentworth Brewery say they could have sold much more beer but that would have meant sourcing honey from other parts of the country, and as they want to keep their beer local they put a stop to the brewing until next year.

The Rising Sun Inn pub at Nether Green has applied to extend its licensing hours until on Fridays, Saturdays and Bank Holidays. It also wants to play music until 12:30AM on those days, but local residents have objected, claiming that they already suffer due to rowdiness at closing time.

Residents of student-area, Broomhill, have objected to an application made by the Fox & Duck pub to extend its licensing hours. Dozens of local residents have written to Sheffield City Council's licensing board to ask for the late licence to be denied because they already suffer at the hands of drunken students each night and an extension would escalate the problem into the early hours. The licensing committee are due to come to a decision shortly.

Village local the Blue Ball in Wharncliffe Side had applied to extend their opening hours until 1AM weeknights and 2AM Friday and Saturday. Local residents have voiced objections to the plans, citing concerns that the village pub would turn into a nightclub if the extended serving hours were granted. Following a licensing hearing, city councillors have granted an extended licence until 11:30PM in the week and Midnight at weekends. Owners Ben Green and John Wyke were also granted an extra entertainment licence that now includes dancing. However, music or dancing is banned in any form in the beer garden or car park.

The Good Beers Guide 2006 claims that real ale is making a comeback, with the variety of beers available at a 30-year high. The ale guide lists around 80 new breweries this year compared to 2005 - an increase of nearly 100%. Here in Sheffield we can be proud to say that we are helping the trend, because with 66 real ale breweries, Yorkshire boasts the highest concentration in the country.

Derelict pub The Highway in Pitsmoor has been gutted by fire. The cause of the fire is being investigated and fire fighters are treating it as suspicious.

Two new beers have been launched by local Sheffield breweries and aimed at football fans. Thornbridge brewery has launched Wednesdayite beer, whilst award-winning Kelham Island Brewery now offers Unitedite beer.

Despite the South Sea having its extended licence application turned down, another Broomhill pub has won an extension. The York has been given permission to open until Midnight Sunday to Thursday and until 1AM every Friday and Saturday. They had hoped to open until Midnight Monday to Wednesday and until 1AM Thursday to Sunday but council officials deemed this too much.

This Wednesday sees the opening of new sports bar Common Room. The 400-capacity bar is situated above the Forum shops and includes 12 pool tables, a variety of bars, a restaurant and numerous sporting events screened on a multitude of televisions.

A new late bar and restaurant on Rockingham Street, city centre, has been given planning permission to open until 1:30AM and until 2:30AM five times per year. However, opposition to the scheme led to a restriction being placed on loud music and dancing after 12:30AM.

Another Sheffield pub has had its application to open regularly until Midnight turned down. The Millhouses on Abbeydale Road had applied to stay open until Midnight from Monday to Friday but has been granted permission to do so only on Friday and Saturdays. Local residents had complained that noise form the pub was causing a problem would be exacerbated by longer opening hours. The pub has also agreed that it will close its windows by 10PM and taxis will be asked not to sound their horns upon arrival.

The Sportsman Inn pub at Lodge Moor attracts a variety of customers, but none more bizarre than those that drop out of the sky! Due to the fact that the pub has a large adjoining field, flying enthusiasts from all over the country regularly drop in for a drink and a meal. Landlord Mike Kilner has experienced helicopters, light aircraft and microlights using the field as a landing strip. Famous visitors have included ex-Conservative Party leader Iain Duncan Smith and MP Ann Widdecombe.

Popular student pub the Place on Nile Street, Broomhill, has failed in its attempt to extend its opening hours until Midnight under new licensing laws. Local residents complained that they were already "under seige" from unruly drinkers nightly and that extending the pub's opening hours would make matters worse. Owner Pete Wester, said: "Only 25 per cent of our trade is students. We would not classify ourselves as a student pub. We don't serve anyone who is drunk and we work with the police and the university." However, Sheffield Council's Licencing Committee did decide that the pub will be given an extension until 11:30PM from Monday to Saturday and to 11PM on Sunday. The beer garden must shut at 10:30PM.

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